Brenda Kay Anderson-Deyo is the artist and owner of All Thingz New, a division of Brenda’s Creations Art Studio and Gallery.

Brenda has been an artist most of her life, but most of this time it was just a fun hobby.

This Texas-born artist got her start when she was just 5-years- old. Brenda's grandmother, who is also a professional fine artist, business owner, and loving woman of God put a paintbrush in her hand and allowed her to paint a pink flower on the painting she was working on. To this very day, Brenda still has that very same painting hanging in her house. From that moment, Brenda fell in love with art!

Over the years, Brenda's grandmother gave her a few lessons, teaching her how to paint with oils, she is primarily a self-taught artist. She now prefers acrylics, which took time to study, read, and practice with acrylics on her own. She chose to work with acrylics because it allows her the freedom of expression through color and the ability to master her technique more quickly. She also love the bright variety of colors and the versatility of the medium.

In 2011, Brenda began teaching what she loves, and officially founded Brenda's Creations. In 2016, she and her husband Roger opened their art studio, fulfilling Brenda's life-long dream.

What began as a simple vision of teaching and selling art has today become much, much, more.

While Brenda is a professional artist, continually creating new art, she still loves to teach art lessons, host painting workshops, and entertain with live painting.

Today, Brenda is a strong Christian woman and her faith influences her art in a powerful way. She is very inspired by the word of God and believes that when she paints, she is led by the Holy Spirit.

When Brenda goes into her creative closet to read, meditate on the Word, and worship God, her art seems to be more intense with a stronger message of the love of Christ. Sometimes she will paint the interpretation of her dreams and visions, and she has even been asked to paint for others their dreams and visions.

Brenda still paint other things like animals, flowers, and landscapes from photographs she takes, but her first love is the illustrations she sees when she reads her Bible.

It is Brenda's prayer that her art ministers to others through imagery and interpretation of God's Word in a visual and healing, as well as speaks to the soul of those who are lost and hurting without using words.