Brenda's mission in life is to use her gift from God to inspire others and encourage them to explore their talent as a tool for communication and emotional healing.

Art has always been like therapy for Brenda, and she loves to share her spiritual experiences with others.

Painting allows Brenda to express how she feels and gives her a way to release stress through the creative process. Through her faith in Jesus and using her art to express herself is how Brenda has overcome her past and become the person she is today. The Word of God has also influenced her teaching style and helped her create a simple but basic curriculum that she uses when she teaches. Brenda believes we were all created to be co-creators with God Himself, and that we have a responsibility to create the life we want.

Brenda feels that her greatest accomplishments in life are not who she is now, or what she has done so far, but how she is being prepared for what God wants her to do with the gift He has given her.

Brenda's foundational Bible verse for everything she does is the one her grandmother taught her and still stands on today:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13