Brenda Deyo's vision is to share her inner emotions that are exposed by the Holy Spirit through her art.

She also wants to teach others how to use art as an expression of who they are. Brenda believes art can be used as a form of healing and way to communicate without words.

Her future goals are to own and operate a larger studio and gallery with enough space where students can come learn about Jesus and create art. This will be a place where new artists are discovered and given an opportunity to be seen, as well as a place that provides a safe family environment where the whole community can enjoy art.

Brenda is not only ready to move forward in God's time, but according to His plan, it is her dream to impact others and shine the Light of Jesus in the dark world of art.

It is also Brenda's desire to make a difference in the lives of others by building their confidence through teaching them art. She believes we can all be a positive influence in a creative way without using our own words but artistically through the one Word that created it all... JESUS!